ABeCe Spanish / ABOUT

Our story began in London more than 20 years ago

We worked together teaching Spanish at a language school and our connection was instantaneous. Since then, we have both worked as Spanish teachers at different universities in London (among them the University of Westminster and Imperial College), and have taught language and culture courses throughout our careers.  We love our work and we are continuously developing our teaching practice .

We, Débora and Egiarte, are friends and chosen sisters.  It was in one of our endless chats in London cafés that we came up with the idea of launching something together, something that would unite our passions: teaching Spanish, discovering special places while travelling, and sharing them with other people…

“That’s when we created AbecéSpanish.”

The destinations and dates of our trips might change, but the story remains the same. You attend classes, share coffees and meals, live fond experiences, walk through nature, and more importantly, talk a lot.

And all of this in Spanish.  We love to see how our students feel comfortable and feel cared for from the first moment we receive them, and how they are motivated and excited by our programme. Throughout their stay,  they gain confidence and we become a diverse and intergenerational family. 

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds.  They might be students studying Spanish at university, or adults who want to continue improving their Spanish.  They  have a broad range of interests.  Many are interested in the Spanish language, politics, history, gastronomy, or art of the place we travel to.  With this in mind, we develop a varied programme with a broad appeal.

We are committed to quality, sustainable and responsible tourism at all times, and we work with the local people of the destinations we travel to. 

“We imagine that at this point you are wondering, how did you manage to get AbecéSpanish off the ground? Well, with a lot of effort, dedication, and love.